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Cultural Cul-de-sac: OFF Cinema presents of mermaids, mountains and machines: Contemporary Psychedelia

Thursday April 20, 2017 – 5:00-8:00pm

OFF Cinema is proud to present "of mermaids, mountains and machines: Contemporary Psychedelia." A film screening of psychedelic and meta-physical films, followed by three live expanded cinema performances. Films by Fern Silva, Amir George, Dakota Nanton (artist in attendance), Christin Turner (artist in attendance) and Janelle VanderKelen. Expanded cinema performances by Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie, Sarah Biagini (artist in attendance) and Vidkidz (Zak Loyd and Melanie Clemmons – Artists in attendance) 


  1. Wayward Fronds – Fern Silva – 16mm
    14 min – 2015
  2. Oh, Ophelia – Dakota Nanton – Video
    4 min – 2016  *artist in person
  3. WorldBuilding – Janelle VanderKelen – Video
    10 min – 2016
  4. Decadent Asylum – Amir George – Video
    20 min – 2016
  5. Shades of Shadows – Amir George – Video
    5 min – 2015
  6. What Happens to the Mountain – Christin Turner – Video
    12 min – 2017  *artist in person
  7. Binary Stars – Andrew Busti – 16mm
    6 min – 2017   *artist in person
  8. Dot Matrix – Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie – 2 × 16mm
    16 min – 2013
  9. Ouroboros Exchange Platform – Vidkidz – Video -
    15 min  *artists in person

Exhibiting artist Mathias Kessler has dedicated space in his exhibition for creative thinkers and producers to perform or present their piece of Boulder’s natural & cultural ecosystems. Chefs, filmmakers, scientists, trivia masters, musicians, makers and creative entrepreneurs of all kinds are presenting events of their imagining every Thursday.

April Cultural Cul-de-sac Events
April 6

IUDs, vibrators, intravaginal speakers that play music to gestating fetuses—technologies for women’s bodies are nothing new, but are now part of a rapidly expanding product market. As conversations around the control of women’s bodies become increasingly urgent, Maya Livio will introduce her research on these devices and highlight the vulnerabilities and power relationships they are entangled with. Many of the devices will be on view.

April 13

Dr. Bailey Phelps, a tribal member of the Cherokee Nation, will perform traditional stories from several American Indian tribal sources. Humor and wisdom mingle in tales of such characters as Raven, Coyote, Rabbit and more. The stories amuse and teach listeners of all ages.

April 27

Join BMoCA’s Studio Project for an evening of plant appreciation. Bring your plant(s) for a meet and greet with other attendee’s plants, enjoy plant-based imagery and music, and sip on virgin piña coladas.