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line break: Silence & Spaces of Expression

July 31 - August 2, 2015

A seven-week site dedicated to the poetry of Now! and tomorrow / a pop-up cold brew, pour-over coffee, kombucha, and conversation bar in downtown Denver / a space that explores what it means to be a museum Now!

Presented in collaboration with the Biennial of the Americas.

Each week takes a different thematic approach, bringing artists from diverse disciplines together in multi-arts collaborations through workshops, readings, performances, discussions and other programs relevant to the poetry of today.

WEEK THREE: Silence & Spaces of Expression

This week’s theme focuses on Silence & Spaces of Expression as tools for communication, how poetic forms and structures affect meaning, and how the white space around the words impacts a poem’s meaning. What a poet chooses not to say can be as effective as what is said. Part of the beauty of silence in poetry is that it allows time for reflecting and deciphering meaning.


10:30-11am: Poetry Break. Recite a poem and receive a free pour over coffee.
12-1pm: Lunchtime Poetry Pour Over. Featuring Brooke McNamara. Brooke McNamara writes poems from the body of a dancer, mind of a zen monk, and heart of a mother. Through this reading from her manuscript ‘Feed Your Vow // poems for falling into fullness’ (to be published October 2015), McNamara encourages listeners to encounter radiance and mystery in the ordinary phenomena of this very moment. Lunchtime Poetry Pour Over programs use the time it takes to make a pour over coffee as time to let in a creative experience. Designed for people to come and go or stay for the hour, Poetry Pour Overs invite visitors to take a short break from daily life for a poetic moment over a cup of coffee.
2:30-3pm: Poetry Break. Recite a poem and receive a free pour over coffee.


10:30-11am: Poetry Break. Recite a poem and receive a free pour over coffee.
2:30-3pm: Poetry Break. Recite a poem and receive a free pour over coffee.
3-4pm : Zen Writing. Workshop led by Brooke McNamara. Silence and expression are wedded partners. Deep consideration of one, reveals traces of the other. In this workshop, poet Brooke McNamara will facilitate an introduction to zen meditation (for all levels and abilities) and invite the strange, beautiful, life-changing voices hidden in your silence to come out onto the page. You will leave enlivened and inspired by the potency of a creative process that is bigger than the individual self. Space is limited, please RSVP to
4-5pm : Zine Workshop. Caryn Keffer will lead a zine introductory workshop for all ages. Come start your line break zine, and learn more about zine process and creation. Zine, short for magazine or fanzine, is a cheaply made publication, often in black and white, with short production runs via photocopier and bound with staples. Poetry zines allow amateur poets to write and share their emotions and thoughts in a format that can be individualized.


Coffee Shop Hours : 10am-4pm

Brooke McNamara’s work revolves around asking impossible questions and discovering living, changing answers through creative process, performance, and whatever breaks the heart more open. McNamara holds an MFA in Dance from CU Boulder, teaches Yoga on faculty at Naropa University, and is empowered as an Integral Dharma Holder in the Zen Buddhist lineage of Diane Musho Hamilton, Sensei. She has danced professionally for over a decade, and shared dance art in the U.S., Mexico, Lithuania, Italy, China, and Vietnam. She has written poems since she was a little girl and received the Charles B. Palmer Prize through the Academy of American Poets in 2003. Her book of poems Feed Your Vow / poems for falling into fullness will be released this October.