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MediaLive 2014: DAY 2

Saturday November 15, 2014 – 7:00-9:00pm

On the second day of , experience performances in live audiovisual arts from visiting artists Josh Ott (New York) & John Gunther (Boulder), and Light Surgeons (London & Malaysia).

Light Surgeons was founded in 1995 by artist and filmmaker Christopher Thomas Allen, along with a group of other like-minded media artists and filmmakers from London. Since then, they have become an established creative studio on the world stage developing new forms of cross-disciplinary practice through the fusion of film production, animation, motion design and the application of creative code and cutting edge tools. From their studio in East London, Light Surgeons have worked in collaboration with a broad network of award winning documentary filmmakers, animators, designers and software developers, producing a multitude of ground breaking projects, exhibiting and touring projects internationally.

SuperEverything* is a new live cinema performance project by The Light Surgeons which explores the relationship between identity, ritual and place through a unique collaborative performing arts project commissioned by the British Council Malaysia and with the support of Canon Malaysia.

The project explores these universal themes using a combination of observational documentary footage, motion graphics, creative programming and original music production to create a poetic audiovisual tapestry that forms a rich, kaleidoscopic view of the cultural landscape of Malaysia. The project was filmed on location across Peninsular Malaysia and brings together a collection of Malaysia’s cutting-edge musical and visual artists. Through this process of cultural and artistic cross-collaboration, The Light Surgeons have evolved the project into a new exploded documentary cinema performance in line with their previous works in this arena.

SuperEverything* challenges us to contemplate our shared human story and to ask the timeless question of who we are as individuals and as a society. Through the juxtaposition of tradition and modernity, the project seeks to uncover who we are as human beings and how our complex identities are connected to our every day environments through a multitude of different rituals. It is a journey through Malaysia’s past to understand its present and to reveal a shared social history that looks to our future.

New York-based visualist Joshue Ott creates cinematic visual improvisations, performed live and projected in large scale. Working from hand-drawn forms manipulated in real-time with superDraw, a software instrument of his own design, Ott composes evolving images that reside somewhere between minimalism, psychedelia, and Cagean chance, delivered with an inescapably human touch. Supple yet digital, ephemeral but instantly memorable, Ott renders sound into vision, yielding an immersive multi-sensory experience that is at once immediate and synergistic, a unique visual narrative born in the moment.

Performing with musicians from all genres between classical and avant-electronica, Ott’s visuals have been featured at Communikey, Mutek, the San Francisco International Film Festival, Yuri’s Night Bay Area, Le Cube (Paris), the Playgrounds Audiovisual Art Festival (Netherlands), Boston Cyberarts, and the 2006 Ars Electronica Animation Festival. He has performed with the American Composer’s Orchestra at Carnegie Hall; as part of the Boston Cyber Arts Festival; and frequently at venues throughout New York City, including Le Poisson Rouge, Roulette, the Knitting Factory, and the Stone. Upcoming performances are scheduled at MassMOCA and the Plateaux Festival in Poland.

John Gunther is a composer and multi-instrumentalist playing Saxophones, Clarinet, and Flute. With a restless musical spirit, he enjoys exploring all forms of jazz from traditional to avant-garde as well as classical music, world music and experimental electronic music. He has performed or recorded with many notable jazz artists including Dave Douglas, Ron Miles, Christian McBride, Bobby Watson, Wallace Roney, Larry Goldings, Tom Harrel, Dewey Redman, Joe Williams, The Woody Herman Orchestra, the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra and The Maria Schneider Orchestra.

As part of New York city’s “downtown” music scene for many years, he produced five recordings for Creative Improvised Music Projects (CIMP) and is co-founder of the contemporary jazz ensembles, “Spooky Actions” and “Convergence.” John is an Associate Professor in Jazz Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder where he directs the Thompson Jazz Studies Program. He received his Ph.D. from New York University where his research examined incorporating techniques of serial music with improvisation. In 2007 he received an “Innovative Seed Grant” to create the Boulder Laptop Orchestra and to further explore the intersection of music, performance, art, and technology. His work with BLOrk has led to further collaboration with the STEM program at CU exploring informal science education through the arts. His most recent recording, “Safari Trio” with Brad Shepik and John Hadfield, can be found on the Dazzle Jazz Record Label and his website,