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Ofrenda de la Danza Azteca-Mexica - Educating, Honoring, Healing

Friday May 27 – 7:00-8:00pm

In the cultural tradition of the Azteca-Mexica people of Central Mexico, dancers from Grupo Folklórico Sabor Latino will be in full traditional ceremonial uniforms and will begin the ofrenda with the honoring and explanation of the sacred directions with the burning of Copal (incense), the blowing of the Conch Shell, the use of Sonajas (rattles), and rhythms created by the “Hue Hue” (drum) which is the heartbeat of La Danza.

La Danza itself is prayer in movement, through the energy that is generated and elevated thanks are given to the creator, to acknowledge all natural powers, and to honor and reconnect with our loved ones and family members of the spirit world. The dances chosen for this event will be Tonantzin (Earth Mother), Tlachinolli (Fire), Tlaloc (Rain), Iztac Cuauhtli (White Eagle) and La Paloma (The Dove).

El movimiento sigue public programming is generously supported by the City of Boulder and the Boulder Arts Commission.

Image: Lorenzo Ramirez, left, and Raquel Guerrero, of Grupo Folklórico Sabor Latino. Courtesy of Cliff Grassmick/Daily Camera Staff Photographer.

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