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Performances: Liat Berdugo, Faith Holland, Pinar Yoldas

Friday May 18 – 7:30-9:30pm

The Friday night event consists of a series of live performances reflecting on digital culture, in addition to the festival’s ongoing installations.

Give your Facebook profile a post-Cambridge Analytica makeover and reflect on your intimate relationship with technology in Holland’s TechnoMakeup LIVE, learn about the infrastructure of the internet while engaging in a playful, all-levels routine using ethernet cords as props during Berdugo’s Internet Aerobics (suitable for all levels, no specialized attire required), and consider the complex issues around human genetic engineering through Pinar Yoldas’s performative lecture.


Liat Berdugo (San Francisco): Internet Aerobics
Put on your sweatband and come learn some new moves as part of Internet Aerobics. After all, everyday that we go online, we send packets of information across internet superhighways through layers of infrastructure: WiFi networks, routers, data centers, internet cables, and more. There is a “poetry in the bits and pieces of the internet infrastructure,” as Ingrid Burrington wrote. Sometimes this information moves quickly. Sometimes we wait for it to load, endlessly. The open internet as we know it is changing with new rules about “net neutrality.” Why not embody this infrastructure ourselves? Aerobics props of blue ethernet cables will be provided. No specialized experience is needed.

Faith Holland (NYC): TechnoMakeup LIVE
Disguise and Decorate Your Data will be a live taping of an episode for the popular YouTube channel consisting of makeup tutorial videos for devices, apps, and websites. Discover how to makeover your Facebook profile in a post-Cambridge Analytica world with a special adaptation of the Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ trademark burned-facts-smoky eye look.TechnoMakeup reflects on the intimate relationship we have with our technology—using it morning and night, updating its software, checking its notifications, and stroking its screen. In the tutorials, I apply moisturizer and makeup to devices like phones, tablets, and computer monitors; thus the care and maintenance that we enact on our bodies, particularly feminine bodies, is remapped onto technology. This allows for a customization and an aesthetic that is reminiscent of the early web: colorful, glittery, and user-generated.

Pinar Yoldas (San Diego): Designer Babies
A designer baby is one whose genetic makeup has been selected in order to eradicate a particular defect, or to ensure that a particular gene is present. Pinar Yoldas will demonstrate how she has been designing babies.


Liat Berdugo
Faith Holland
Pinar Yoldas