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June 23 - September 11, 2016

TREExOFFICE (TxO) is an outdoor urban co-working and community gathering space being built around an American Linden tree in Civic Area Park across from the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. The purpose of TxO is to help us reconsider our relationship with natural systems while offering a conference table, six desks, wifi, and a platform for people to work, sit, think, converse, speak, or perform.

TREExOFFICE is free and open to the public but reservations can be made below to reserve a desk, conference table or the entire TREExOFFICE.


TxO was inspired by The Tree That Owns Itself in Athens, Georgia and was initially created by artist, engineer, and inventor Natalie Jeremijenko in collaboration with local partners in New York City, Berlin, London, and now Boulder is the fourth location.

TxOs are based on the philosophy of mutualistic systems design, meaning, in this case, that the tree and office space benefit each other and the surrounding ecosystem including humans, birds, insects, soil microbial diversity, and other intelligent creatures.

For Boulder’s TxO, the tree is landlord of the TreexOffice. Desk and conference table spaces may be reserved in advance for a small fee on the tree’s online reservation system. Spaces not already reserved may be used free of charge at any time on a first come, first served basis.

Proceeds from reservations of the TXO are given back to the tree for its benefit and upkeep, such as pruning, organic fertilizer and pest control, etc.

Collaborators & Sponsors
TxO is one part of a three-part project called DESIGNxBOULDER: Inspiring Community through Art, which is a collaboration between Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA) and EcoArts Connections in partnership with CU Boulder’s Program in Environmental Design. Additional support provided by Alan Rabold Photography, BLDG 61: Boulder Library Makerspace, the City of Boulder Office of Arts and Culture, DragonDev, Harlequin’s Gardens, Lusciously Local Edible Landscapes, Made in Nature, McGuckin Hardware, simPRO Software, Studio NYL, TruePoint Laser Scanning, Living Design Studios and CU Boulder’s Laboratory of Deane Bowers, and the Measurements and Data Analysis Program.

TxO is made possible in part thanks to the National Endowment for the Arts and the Boulder Library Foundation.

Additional thanks for general support of BMoCA go to City of Boulder, SCFD (Scientific and Cultural Facilities District), Boulder Arts Commission, and Colorado Creative Industries.

Additional thanks for general support of EcoArts Connections go to Avondale Trust, Boulder County Arts Alliance, Carson Pfafflin Family Foundation, Clif Bar Family Foundation, Schramm Foundation, and Sheila Fortune Foundation.