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Virtual Studio Tour: Kathleen Spencer Johns

Thursday November 12, 2020 – noon-noon

Kathleen Spencer Johns is an award winning painter. Born in Schenectady, NY, the fourth of ten children, her stories of childhood are both humorous and emotional. Kathleen has two wonderful sons, Curtiss and Kevin Johns. She is a highly qualified and dynamic fine arts teacher who has adapted her teaching for these virtual times. Kathleen lives and creates art in Boulder. You just may stumble upon her in the foothills as she sits joyously painting or spy her in The Art Garage as she turns the press arm creating prints.

Artist Statement:
Discovering the spirit of life, letting it speak to the depth of my soul and then sharing this with others, through my art, is why I paint. It is a vehicle for appreciating humanity and nature more intimately, and a way to share this richness with others. To see in what you have created, the object, yourself, and something of the mystery of life is deeply fulfilling. There is so much that can be expressed through the art of creation, so many intimate connections to be felt and shared. In paint I try to express the intensity of life as I see it and feel it while searching for what makes art move viewers to a more powerful relationships to life. There is no end to the emotional encounters and the visual images in one’s life. Each image that I create, each emotion that I express, and each painting that I complete stimulates me to create again.

Image courtesy of the artist.

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