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Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-5pm

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Free for members and children under the age of 12.

Young Artists At Work Summer Camps

June 6 - July 29, 2016

Camp Schedule
June 6–10
Educator: Heather Cherry
On the Road, 9am–noon
Create whimsical papier-mâché vehicles, watercolor maps, travel journals, postcards, and a suitcase to hold the treasures of your travels. Be ready for your next great adventure!
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Pocket Full of Stars, 1–5pm
Gaze skyward and create space vessels, sky painting mosaics, star capes, and wish vessels for a journey to the sun, moon, and stars!
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June 20–24
9–12 yrs
Educator: Emily Evans
Mixed-Media Materials Exploration, 9am–noon
Discover the endless possibilities in working with collage and found materials from home.
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Dream Week, 1–5pm
Explore dreams and magical thinking through journals, storytelling and illustration, a surrealism study, and dream catchers!
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June 27–July 1
5–8 yrs
Educator: Emily Bullard
It’s About the Journey, 9am–noon
Experiment, play, and make messes with a variety of media and techniques, and explore the endless possibilities of your own creativity and inventiveness.
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Line up!, 1–5pm
Discover the qualities and possibilities of line, and how artists use and manipulate lines in order to represent their world, create movement, convey mood, and demonstrate their process.
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July 11–15
9–12 yrs
Educator: Katie Harwood
Behind the Lens, 9am–noon
Turn the museum into a giant camera, create cyanotypes and still lifes, and learn about perspective, portraiture and more.
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Three in a Row, 1–5pm
Sometimes taking one picture of something isn’t enough. Explore the creative possibilities of telling stories with photographs by creating multi-paneled photos, installations, and zines!
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July 18–22
5–8 yrs
Educator: Jennifer Obrochta
Food Painting, 9am–noon
Use different foods to explore the possibilities of painting and drawing with cuisine as the medium!
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World of Texture, 1–5pm
Begin with a texture scavenger hunt, then use rubbings, ink, and found objects to discover the world of texture through mono prints.
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July 25–29
9–12 yrs
Educator: Emily Bullard
Building Blocks of Art, 9am–noon
Explore the way that artists use different elements of art, particularly shape and color, as building blocks to create and interpret works of art!
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Fiber Fun, 1–5pm
Discover the world of fiber art, and learn, practice, and play with a variety of techniques using both fabric and yarn.
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