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Past Exhibition

Small World

January 12 – March 25, 2001

In Small World, Jim Ringley reshuffles elements of hard-edge iconography into explosive poetic and visual fragmentation. These playful and skillful paintings, with a retro-tinge and spark for the nostalgic, create a sense of wonder by exploring relationships between materiality and gravity, nature, time and humanity.

Small World also includes a series of collages created by Ringley over the past several years. In these works, he utilizes original ads and icons from the fifties and sixties, as studies or precursors to the actual paintings. These collages are tiny, mysterious vignettes that provide Ringley with an original glimpse, which, he then manufactures into a larger narrative.

Small World is a look into the paradox of expansion and exploration, the personal and the private, and the physical laws that exist through disaster and endearment. Small or not, anything can happen, within a “world.”

The artist wishes to thank the following for their generous support of this exhibition: Curator, Cydney Payton, Michael Smoler and the entire staff at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Mark and Polly Addison, Communication Arts, Inc., Reliance Trade Bindery, Derek & Megan Friday, Kevin Penland, Dawn Curlee, Debra Stevens, and Tom Miller.

This exhibit has been funded in part by Communication Arts, Inc., and by an endowment from the Arts and Humanities Assembly of Boulder and the Neodata Corporation.