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Always free for all on Saturdays & Wednesdays during the Farmers Market!

Past Exhibition

Megan Gafford: Hemisphere

March 7 – April 2, 2017

BMoCA’s Spring 2017 Present Box features Megan Gafford’s site-specific installation titled Hemisphere, which transforms the windows of the museum into lenses that project constellation maps into the interior space. Gafford’s installation focuses on the cyclical nature of being, taking as its subject the constellations that are uniquely visible from BMoCA’s position on the globe. The study of the cosmos in both ancient and contemporary scientific thought has seen humankind frame myths, histories, and existential questions about life and death around the constellations. Gafford’s constellation projections embody this cyclical evolvement, producing a daily enactment as the sun travels from east to west, and clouds pass by; the light shifts and flickers across the walls in response to the environmental conditions.

Exhibition-related Events
Thursday, March 9
Storytelling Presentation
To share the poetry of what the constellations have meant to humanity, Gafford will host a story-telling event within the cinema of the Hemisphere installation, in the tradition of our ancestors who told stories under the night sky.

Thursday, March 9
Opening Reception
5:00 members and sponsors, 6:00pm free public reception and storytelling presentation

Present Box is a series of temporary exhibitions that invite artists to transform BMoCA’s lobby and front entrance into innovative installations, performances, and events that last two weeks. Presented three times a year, the site-specific projects are intended to encourage artists to create work outside their comfort zone and to foster interactive participation. The exhibitions encourage experimentation and urge artists to test ideas and explore different approaches. Present Box exhibitions are always free and open to the public.

Sponsors: Lovedy Barbatelli, Ann Bateson & Frank Everts, Joan Markowitz, Gabrielle & Brad Schuller, Michael & Carlyn Smith