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Past Exhibition


July 10 – July 29, 2018

PERILOUS JOURNEYS is a multi-media exhibition offering glimpses into the contentious history of the U.S. southern border and the obstacles facing those who cross it seeking asylum from war, poverty and persecution.

Denver Chicano artist Carlos Fresquez with art student and DACA recipient Lorena Aranda, produces the exhibition’s centerpiece, “Know Your Rights,” a bi- lingual, blood-red mural, addressing justice and the search for safety in these fearful times.

David Taylor documents the chronically shifting 690-mile line between the United States and Mexico with photographs of the 1891-1895 border monuments erected after the Mexican-American War, describing how political boundaries and national identities transform over time.

Mark Klett records detritus left by desperate travelers moving north across the ancient, treacherous Camino del Diablo, now located in Arizona’s deadly Goldwater Bombing Range.

Guillermo Arias chronicles how people live and cope with el cerco (the fence) from the Mexican side.

Two artist books are on view: El Camino Del Diablo, by Mark Klett, and Philip Zimmerman’s serene yet disturbing Sanctus Sonorensis.

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