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Past Exhibition

Richard Stephenson: Light and Shadow

July 18 – August 4, 2019

Light and Shadow features new work by Denver-based sculptor and draftsman Richard Stephenson. The exploration of the interplay of light and shadow offers museum visitors the opportunity to experience a changing array of images in both two and three dimensions.

The impact of Stephenson’s wall sculptures evolve moment to moment as their shadows shift to respond to changes in light, while his cyan-blue prints, known as cyanotypes, capture an isolated moment in time of the sculpture and shadow relationship.

Stephenson refers to the light and elegant wall-mounted wood sculptures as three-dimensional models of ideas. He explains: “The sculptures have a literal reality, the tangible fact of the object, and a symbolic reality expressed by the configuration of the shapes. The symbolic reality is usually a metaphor for abstract concepts of human-created structures confronting the fluid rhythms of natural forces. The sculptures suggest some ideas about human relationships to these natural forces, as well as the devices we built to understand and control those forces.”

Light and shadow have been constant themes in art and architecture, and Stephenson’s works continue these artistic investigations.

Guest curated by Amber Story.

Thank you to our generous sponsors
- The Markowitz Family
- Carlyn & Michael Smith
- Michael A. Smith

About Richard Stephenson
Richard Stephenson is a Boulder native, artist, and Professor Emeritus at Regis University in Denver best known for his sculpture. Recently, he has made cyanotype prints of his sculptures. These prints – also referred to as solar prints, or blueprints – are specific records of the shapes at that instant, and illustrate the interplay between three dimensions and two dimensions.

About Amber Story
Amber Story is an independent curator. She has worked at Greenberg Van Doren Gallery in New York City, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver and the University of Colorado Art Museum in Boulder. She is currently Associate Director of Development for the College of Arts and Sciences at University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) with a focus on the Arts and Humanities. Amber holds a BA in Art History from CU Boulder and an MA in Arts Administration from New York University.

Exhibition Events
- 7/18:
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Image: Richard Stephenson, RR01 (detail), 2019, fabric dye on wood.