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Upcoming Exhibition

Margaretta Gilboy: Flying in the Hands of Time: A Retrospective

January 30 – May 25, 2020

Margaretta Gilboy was a much acclaimed and influential artist whose work – though often described as “realist” – defies easy classification. Working primarily in oil and watercolor her paintings were brimming with a seemingly incongruous and occasionally off-kilter deployment of objects both Eastern and Western. Her expertly and tenderly painted sophisticated still lifes and portraits owe much to their oblique dialogue between art-historical masterpieces and objects of quotidian domesticity – a knowing and highly-sophisticated play between objects deeply suffused with emotive and psycho-spiritual energies and ordinary objects of decorative craft or mass-production.

Although Gilboy was heavily influenced by Asian philosophy, spirituality and art, her paintings of people are palpably physical and vibrantly earth-bound. Her paintings of puppets and dolls are also linked to the task of portraiture – they grant humanity to inanimate objects which in turn allows us to engage with the object as if it were generating a real world of expressive complexity. The commingling of Modernism, the Renaissance, the Baroque, and the Asian – particularly Japanese woodblock prints – shaped her artistic point of view and provide the cohesive tension that informs and animates her remarkable work.

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Upcoming exhibition events
3/8/20 Margaretta Gilboy – Literal or Not?
4/19/20 Margaretta Gilboy – How Real Is This Picture?
5/9/20 Margaretta Gilboy – Is That Really Me?