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BMoCA + Swoon

BMoCA + Swoon Artist Talks

BMoCA + Swoon International Artists Residency exists to invite artists from around the world to explore their practice within the Boulder community. It provides artists opportunities to meet new people, explore new materials and practices, and experience life in a new environment. The residency emphasizes the importance of a meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchange and immersion into another culture. Our goal is that residents will have time to focus and investigate their own practice and also become involved in the Boulder community. How residents choose to engage with the community can take many shapes. As part of the residency, BMoCA will host a minimum of public events that allow the community of Boulder a chance to meet the artist and get to know their work. The programs will be planned around each residency and tailored to each artist’s project. Responding to each artist, specific programs and events will likely be planned close to the residency or while they are here. Please sign up for our newsletter or follow BMoCA on social media for more information.

BMoCA + Swoon: Amalia Pica

Amalia Pica joins BMoCA + Swoon for the 2017 International Artist Residency. Originally from Argentina, Pica now lives in London, England and has exhibited extensively worldwide. During her residency Pica will continue her research on exploring landscape as a romantic background for images that deal with the desire for political expression and on tools utilized to teach language to great apes during the 60s and 70s in America. More details regarding her scheduled artist talks can be found on the calendar

BMoCA + Swoon: Tomoko Sauvage

The second year of BMoCA + Swoon International Artists Residency brings Japanese musician and sound artist Tomoko Sauvage to Boulder for six weeks beginning in July of 2016. BMoCA + Swoon International Artists Residency provides international creatives with the studio space, resources, time, and freedom to realize expansive works of their imagination. The residency fosters the growth of emerging and established artists, musicians, writers, curators, and other creatives by encouraging them to take risks, experiment, and explore their creativity.

BMoCA + Swoon: Berndnaut Smilde

Meet celebrated Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde. Smilde was the first artist to visit Boulder through the BMoCA + Swoon Art House International Artist Residency program, and we were excited to welcome him to our community. At this event, Smilde hosted an introductory lecture about his work and plans for his Boulder-based art projects.

Find out more about Berndnaut Smilde and his tenure spent with the BMoCA + Swoon Art House International Artist Residency. Highlighted in National Geographic “Picture Stories” Smilde goes into detail about his discoveries during his time in Boulder with BMoCA + Swoon.